Saved by the Ficara

It was September of 1943. Thirty-two year old Maria Caterina was a single woman helping to look after her younger sister and her father. Her four bothers were somewhere out in the war theatre of World War 2. No news has been received from them for quite some time now. Rumours circulated the village that at least two had been […]

The Jazz Guitar Chords

As a guitar teacher with decades of experience, I know how overwhelming it can be to make the switch to jazz guitar from acoustic. If you can understand the basic chords for Jazz guitar, the sky really is the limit for your mastery over this complex instrument. Let’s get right into it and outline what a jazz guitar chord is […]

Why You Should Consider Investing in Piano Lessons

Have you been planning to introduce yourself to a musical instrument? As it turns out, one of the most versatile musical instruments to exist- the evergreen Piano- could just be your cup of tea! By offering you benefits that go beyond the pleasure derived from pursuing a hobby, piano learning is beneficial to the mind, body as well as the […]

A Brief Overview On How To Play Jazz Guitar Like a Pro

Learn Jazz Standards Your teacher might drill it into your brain that you need to practice scales and arpeggios until your fingers bleed, but the pros recommend getting the hang of jazz standards first. Polish the melody, add your chords, and work on improvising whenever you can. Toss out the idea you have to memorize chord shapes. In short, get […]