Humor in Animated Explainer Videos: Purpose and Types

Why Humor is Essential in Animated Explainer Videos Unlike a ‘real’ video format, through which ‘real’ people could portray light as well as intense human emotions with equal magnificence, the animated video format could, at best, be used to imitate real human emotions, essentially in a fun & cheerful way. This is primarily so, because the default and prominent attribute […]

Engage the Best Professional Videographers to Film Memorable Weddings!

Filmmaking is no longer what it once used to be! Look around in the media and the wonders on celluloid are exactly what you would get. Cameras and dedicated software programs create dream-like sequences spruced up with all the technological gimmicks. The impact leaves you spellbound as often happens. Advertising films take it all too far with unlikely stories and […]

What to Expect From Your First Jazz Guitar Lesson

As an expert jazz guitar teacher, I’ve helped students around the world develop their talent as guitar players. Throughout my career, I’ve run into a common theme among people who want to learn how to play jazz-guitar-fear of the unknown. So, I thought I’d break down the barriers that are potentially holding you back with a basic overview of what […]