Cherishing Innocence: Discovering the Magic of a Newborn Photographer

There’s something truly enchanting about those first few days of a newborn’s life. The delicate features, the tiny fingers and toes, and the pure innocence that seems to radiate from their every breath – it’s no wonder parents are eager to preserve these precious moments forever. That’s where a skilled newborn photographer enters the picture, armed with expertise in capturing […]

A Touch of R&B and Soul Part II

Rump shaker, party maker, Quincy and Ray said “let the good times roll.” With hardcore grooves and beats “Juice” is whatever flavor you choose to drink. The horn section riffs are of a Jacksons type vibe with an Earth, Wind, and Fire touch; along with funky James Brown guitar riffs. The rhythm arrangements are comprised of old school, funk, and […]

Las Vegas Style Cover Bands Rock Industry Standards

Across the road from a cola bottle made of lights, I sat with a little darlin’ who captured my attention several years before. She was made for me lovely, bodacious as they come, and ready to rock the night away – in my dreams. In reality, we’d crossed 7 decades a few days earlier and held hands as we slowly […]