Is Video the Most Effective Form of Communication?

The old cliché says “A picture is worth a thousand words,” meaning many different subtle ideas, details and expression can be communicated with simply one image. If that’s the case, what is a video worth? Video typically consists of 24 images per second and typically includes audio-music, sound effects or the spoken word. There is a clear technical advantage to […]

Purchase Stock Photography or Download for Free

With the advent of social media, came an influx of image sharing. An image on a social media site is downloaded to the local computer and re-posted on another social media site. This practice creates a serious problem for the owner of the original image and the 3rd or 4th generation “right-clicker.” I am a photographer and book format designer […]

Fighting Criminals Using Bibles

The Bible is sharper than any two-edged sword, but for Tennessee couple, Esther and Obadiah Lamentations take the Bible as a weapon to an entirely different level. One summer on a Sunday after church, Esther and “Obi” caught a robber stealing from their house. Within seconds, Esther suddenly remembered a joke about a God-fearing woman who told a burglar to […]