What Is Digital Designing and How It Is Changing With Today’s Technology

In today’s world everything is going digital. Communication is becoming Digital Communication, advertisement is now Digital Advertisement. So with these changes the meaning and definition of designing has also changed and is now known as Digital Designing. Now don’t get confused by the this word. Simple meaning of this is any designing done on digital platform is known as Digital […]

Who Is Yahiko Pain?

When talking about the majorly successful anime series Naruto and its array of distinctive, complex and engaging antagonists, the name Pain (or Pein depending on your preference of spelling) is more often than not found to be quite high up on that list. And for good reason too. But before we delve further into why exactly that’s the case, it’s […]

Significance of Back Lighting in Cosmetics Product Photography

A lot of people try to shoot their products themselves. While it is a good thing to do, they actually do not have the skill set needed to get a good picture. Amateur photographers too due to lack of experience can leave a lack in a good picture. Decade of experience is a great teacher than just some photography tutorials. […]

Sword Art Online Alicization First Impressions

Sword Art Online’s third season is finally upon us. The alicization arc has been long awaited by people like me, who have read the entire arc via the light novels. To put it in prospective, the first two seasons of the show was covered in books 1 – 9; alicization is books 10 – 18. So, there is a lot […]

Why Nigerian Pop Soars More Than Ever Before

When Trevor Noah asked Burner Boy, what he thinks is responsible for the sudden rise of Nigerian pop, I disagreed with the answer he gave. According to Burner Boy, music moves from one nation to another and that eventually, it will move away again. The genres of music that was Nigerian pop were Highlife and Juju music. Juju was born […]

Learn Sound Engineering Courses in India at Affordable Fees

Introducing Sound Engineering Courses in India. An Institution where you realize your dreams of becoming a Sound Engineer can come true. Come, be a part of the Soundideaz Family. Academy Presents Certified Diploma in Sound Engineering with Music Production specialization. Learn Every Concept from the Basics to Advance with our Practical Courses Training will be provided and students will get […]

R&B Treasured Gems

Who would have ever thought that an independent artist could take a ole school song and make it popular again? What was once lost is now found with a new sound and has emerged on the musical scene with a sultry feel. Within a half years’ time span R & B, soul singer and musician PleasureMore has accomplished this task. […]

The Dummy

A ventriloquist named Jim walks into a restaurant with his dummy and sits down at the bar. Jim holds “Charlie” who looks like Charlie Chaplin. Jim is wearing a mask and pulls out a menu. The bartender sees Jim holding Charlie and comes out and stares at the dummy. “Sorry, but your dummy needs to wear a mask.” “Why?… No.” […]