Plot / Story

No. 6 is an anime series that takes place in a world that has six major cities. No. 6 is the latest city that has been built. The city was built to be a utopia, where there would be no poverty, despair, or doubt. We follow the life of Shion, a privileged and very smart boy that lives in No. 6 with his mother. Shion has just found out he is eligible for the gifted program, which is quite a big deal. However, one night during a typhoon he gets an unexpected visitor. In the doorway to his outdoor deck stood a drenched, wounded boy around his age. Instead of calling for his mother or running in fear, he decides to help the wounded boy. The boy says his name is Rat, which comes to quite a shock for our privileged main. Shion stitches up Rat’s arm, which he learns was a gunshot wound, and grabs some food for his new friend to eat. He allows Rat to use his bed to get some rest even after he learns that he is a “fugitive” that is being hunted at the moment.

The following days were not good for Shion. The officials found out that he helped a known fugitive and they would not take it lightly. He and his mother were forced out of their life of privilege. His mother ends up opening up a small bakery to which they live in as well. As part of Shion’s punishment, he is no longer allowed to enroll into the gifted program. Our story skips ahead four years from the time Shion first met Rat. Shion is a park maintenance worker now.

During a normal day, Shion and his coworker discover a very elderly man dead inside the park. The next day, Shion is concerned about the fact that the death didn’t make the news. His coworker actually shuns him for doubting the officials, something that is not taken lightly in this city. Just then, Shion’s coworker suddenly starts aging very rapidly until he falls to the ground dead. To Shion’s horror, a small wasp then emerges from his now fallen coworkers neck. This was only the beginning of the hardship for young Shion.

Instead of being protected by the officials, they detain him and send him off to the correctional facility (aka a very bad place). While he is being transported, Rat makes a heroic appearance and saves Shion. They both escape to an area outside of No. 6 known as West Block. This is where Rat shows Shion how life really is outside of the “utopia.” Shion initially doesn’t understand Rat’s hatred toward the city, but as the state inside the city becomes more and more suspicious, Shion eventually learns what exactly the utopia is hiding.


I really did not expect that much out of this short anime series. The first episode is kind of dry and off, but as you progress through the series you really get attached to the characters. This is, for sure, a drama show. It has some adventure and action elements, but it mainly focuses on the relationship between Rat and Shion. Yes, the anime does have some scenes that would be considered homosexual. It’s nothing over the top, and I really didn’t care. The relationship between Shion and Rat is progressed beautifully through the series. I would recommend this anime to anyone who is a fan of the drama genre, it is truly a touching story.