What to Expect From Your First Jazz Guitar Lesson

As an expert jazz guitar teacher, I’ve helped students around the world develop their talent as guitar players. Throughout my career, I’ve run into a common theme among people who want to learn how to play jazz-guitar-fear of the unknown. So, I thought I’d break down the barriers that are potentially holding you back with a basic overview of what […]

Music Education Can Save Lives!

We all know the importance of music education. It’s no surprise to anyone that taking music lessons has been proven to help in a child’s developmental process. Music lessons aid in the development of speech and reading skills. Children who study music will find an increase in their school grades. They have more confidence, discipline, focus, memory, and better social […]

How To Create A Flourishing Guitar Teaching Business

To create a flourishing guitar teaching business, you’ve got to do the following: 1. Transform prospects into new students every month of the year. 2. Use the most effective guitar teaching models. 3. Keep your students for several years or more. 4. Help your students become amazing guitar players. 5. Develop the ability to think for success at all times. […]

How To Play Tight Rhythm Guitar Like A Badass

How does one go from not being good at rhythm guitar to becoming a master? Do you need to build a big vocabulary of riffs? How about jam with a tight band? Do you need to use a metronome more often? The answer to all of these is NO. Rock-solid rhythm guitar playing comes as a result of: -Training yourself […]

6 Benefits Of Learning How To Play The Piano

You have a better mental well-being According to scientists, playing music promotes brain health as you have to be creative. For a long time, there had been theories that playing music led to higher intelligence levels. This is no longer the case. Researchers have been able to prove that playing an instrument increases one’s IQ. Practicing the piano also sharpens […]

5 Essential Principles for Learning Guitar

The guitar is a great musical instrument. It is relatively inexpensive, fairly portable and it is easy enough for you to learn the basics. As a matter of fact, it is totally up to you to take your playing as far as you want. There are lots of people all over the world who learn to play the guitar every […]