Time Zone

Spencer is seated in a comfortable leather chair. Looking nervously around the room, his eyes skim over the large library, drawn to the many professional certificates and degrees that adorn the office walls. As his anxiety rises, he curses his court order requiring him to see a psychologist as a part of his sentence. Irritated,… Continue reading Time Zone

A Taste of Security

Al Lumpblast collected bricks of fruitcake every year since he got married 50 years ago. Every Christmas, he got the same gift- bricks of fruitcake. To his friends and family what was strange was he never ate them. Nobody except his wife, Nanna knew what he did with them. From the beginning when he began… Continue reading A Taste of Security

The Brooding Invitation

We could see the activities down in the longish courtyard of our colony. The courtyard was surrounded by buildings divided into blocks on three sides with the front side having the main entrance gate. Comfortably seated in the portico of our third floor quarter we often took a window view of the goings-on in the… Continue reading The Brooding Invitation

The Hulk

In the shade of the towering poplar at the back of my house, I sit on the lower step of the laundry stand terrorizing a community of ants with a twig. I poke at their sand hills constructed in the cracks of the hot asphalt and watch them scurry for their lives. For an instant,… Continue reading The Hulk

The Mysterious Hike

Tania was panting uncontrollably as she ran and ran with all her might. With a broken hand compass in one hand and a crumpled note in the other, she desperately searched for her way out of this jungle. Each day is closer to a mystery that’s impossible to crack. She wasn’t sure if everything before… Continue reading The Mysterious Hike

Live Story on Pakistani Tea in 2018 – Saavi Ka Chai Kahwa

I simply looked at Shri Dr.N.K.Bahl and did not utter a single word-the moment he mentioned about Kahwa in Pakistan. I immediately counter-questioned him, “Kahwa in Pakistan?”. He nodded and stared at me as though I doubted his knowledge about teas. As usual, I asked him to share his memories about it (he was narrating… Continue reading Live Story on Pakistani Tea in 2018 – Saavi Ka Chai Kahwa

The Three African Porcupines – The Leaders, The Journalists And The Intelligentsia

During one summer evening, as I sat with Xiao-he watching TV in the living room, he started lamenting the sorry state of affairs on the African continent and how things were going on there. He did not make any effort to differentiate between countries in Africa. I reminded him that Africa was a continent –… Continue reading The Three African Porcupines – The Leaders, The Journalists And The Intelligentsia

What to Read and When

Either you need information or you desire entertainment. In either case, a young person’s time fills with activity. Yet, young people stumble and fumble through their early lives because they have not experienced the pitfalls and rabbit path trails of work, love, finances, and real estate. Young people should read voraciously to get an edge… Continue reading What to Read and When

The Bewildered Exorcist

A priest/exorcist named Albert Gonzalez had been giving Mass at the small St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Stilo, West Virginia when he suddenly collapsed. Horrified parishioners got up from kneeling and ran towards him. As they congregated around his body and crossed themselves, a doctor was present among his fellow church members. “Call 911!” he… Continue reading The Bewildered Exorcist