We all love to see heroes look good and win, and we all love to see villains lose. Even if the villain has more heroic qualities than the heroes. That is the case with John Wayne/Marion Morrison and the Indian Chief. “The Duke” always wins and rides off into the sunset or saves Iwo Jima, while the chief villains who fight “The Duke” however are and mean ‘nothing’, but savage opposition that does not have any validity whatsoever. Is that not a metaphor for all of modern history for the archetype hero like all the John Wayne/”Duke” types out there and their opposition? Indeed, the “winners” have gotten to tell their slanted stories without looking at the other side of things or the “losers” point of view. All their logic says that “we are supposed to win, and the story is one-sided, that is that.”

I am here to logically and honestly present the “losers” side of the story, now: Call them Moors, Indians, black guys, “Deadwood Nat Loves'”, “Black Barts'”, Natives, “The Enemies”, “The Bad Guys” or whatever the case may be.

The injustice and unjust nature of the heroes is so deep that the realities of the villains are avoided at all cost right down to building a fantasy world of all “heroes” always winning without losing, ever.

The concept of the heroic and infallible leader, and the villain always losing without virtue or consideration or thought of the viewpoint of the villain or even the villains genuine values is a sickening and unjust slant on any situation in reality. It is not just “winners” who should write the histories, real and genuinely objective history should include all of us in every honest way, not just slant toward the “heroes and winners of the game” that “rule the roost” in that let us kill the savages sort of way. How is that genuinely heroic anyway? Slaughtering instead of fairly fighting and then create a world for yourself making anyone that does not agree with you look righteous in a disagreeing way?

Everybody loves a hero naturally. Everybody loves to win, naturally. When you have to cheat to win, is it worth it? Is it worth it if victory is based on a lie instead of the real and honest truth. Sure, we can start by crying that “The Birth of a Nation” was the greatest movie ever made, and John Wayne deserved an airport monument for helping hide the realities and honest truths of what happened to the “villains” of that “slanted toward the hero” reality that screams “we are the winners and you can do nothing about it”.

Well, I am a “villain”, I confess, I am not one of those “sweet, good looking white guy heroes” who wins “everything” or supports the establishment of “heroes”, I have always been “type B” and “Brand X”, not “type A” and the establishment. Laugh at me all you want, but I am the tortoise who really wins fully honestly instead of the rabbit or hare who lies to himself and loses it all, trying to cheat and speed in a cheating way in the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” every time. I proudly say now that I am the “Moorish Indian Chief bad guy” that the “John Waynes'” are fighting.