Robert Carlyle

Despite a warm, genial personality, actor Robert Carlyle made a career out of playing dark, crazed and often brutally violent characters. Interpreting Carlyle bio, he can be the great inspirational factors for his followers. Whether portraying a drunkard sociopath, a resolute manifold sclerosis victim, a decent construction worker, or a down-on-his-luck steel worker, Scottish actor Robert Carlyle has recurrently wowed transoceanic viewers with his chameleon-like ability to dwell an array of roles.

Early Life

Robert Carlyle was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 14 April 1961. This mother Elizabeth, a bus company employee and Father Joseph Carlyle, a painter and decorator was separated when he was just four. Carlyle was raised by his father after his mother left them. After a difficult childhood, Carlyle dropped out of school when he was just 16, but continued his education attending night classes at Cardonald College in Glasgow.

At the age of 21, Carlyle enrolled in acting classes at the Glasgow Arts Centre and became actively involved in theatre, after finding inspiration in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. Subsequently, he graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. In 1991, he co-founded the Raindog Theatre Company along with four other friends. The same year he starred in his first movie, Riff-Raff. It was from here that Carlyle made his entry into the movies.

Robert Carlyle age is 56 now but still, fans love his evergreen charming personality. Carlyle height is about 5’8″(173cm) however his Weight is not publicized. As regards to Robert Carlyle Bio, it has attested that the total sum of Robert Carlyle net worth is 10 million dollars. Robert Carlyle has earned such a high net worth being versatile actor from Scotland.

Movie Career

In 1990, Carlyle made his film debut with a supporting role in the realistic crime drama Silent Scream, winning several awards at the Berlin International Film Festival and the BAFTA Scotland. In the same year, he came out as a leading man in the comedy-drama Riff-Raff and was nominated by the Belgian Syndicate of Film Critics for a Grand Prix award. He played the gay lover of Father Greg in the controversial romantic drama Priest in 1994. The film was nominated for a BAFTA award and won a Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

In 1996, Carlyle performed in the two prominent roles. His appearance as the psychopathic Francis Begbie in Trainspotting becomes most popular thus win the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor for his iconic roles. Likewise in the year 1997, he played as the leader of a group of amateur male strippers, in The Full Monty. This comedy drama lets him win BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a leading role. However, his next three films – Face (1997), Plunkett and Macleane (1999) and Ravenous(1999) failed to make much impact commercially.

Carlyle played the villain role as Renard in the James Bond movie The World is Not Enough in 1999 earning over $360 million worldwide. In the same year, the nonfiction drama Angela’s Ashes was also released gifting him with an Empire Award for Best British Actor. The year 2002 was mixed bag for the actor, where he appeared in a veer of middling movies and TV shows with varying degrees of triumph. Some of his prominent were the 2000 adventure drama The Beach, To End All Wars (2001), Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (2002), Black and White (2002), Eragon (2006), and 28 Weeks Later(2007).

In 2008, Carlyle starred in the British drama Summer, where he played a man who reenters his past and tries to redeem himself. The movie won two BAFTA Scotland awards – for Best Film and Best Direction. This was followed by I Know You Now (2008) and The Tournament (2009). After a three-year lull, the actor returned with the drama California Solo (2012), which saw him playing a Scottish emigrant.

In 2015, Carlyle turned director with the comedy thriller The Legend of Barney Thomson. The film won two BAFTA Scotland awards – for Best Actress and Best Feature Film. Carlyle also won the Audience Award at the Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival for his work in the movie. In 2017, the actor reenacted his role as Francis “Franco” Begbie in T2 Trainspotting, the sequel to the 1996 black comedy Trainspotting.

Television Career

Carlyle’s career in television began with his guest role in the Scottish detective series named Taggart(1990). Furthermore, he started the comedy-mystery series Hamish Macbeth and played the lead in the miniseries Looking After Jo Jo between 1995 and 1998. The various historical characters on TV showed him the dynamic personality receiving favorable comments. In 2015, Carlyle earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries with the crime-drama Human Trafficking. He continued to appear in TV movies like Born Equal (2006), The Last Enemy (2008) and 24: Redemption(2008).

Between 2009 and 2011, Carlyle played the leading role in the science fiction television series Stargate Universe, which won him a Gemini Award for Best Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. Since 2011, he has portrayed Mr.Gold in the fantasy television series Once Upon A Time.

Personal Life

Robert Carlyle wife is Anastasia Shirley, the make-up artist. They got married in 1997, and the couple has three children: Ava, Harvey and Pearce Joseph. The family resides in Glasgow, Scotland. The actor is good friends with his Trainspotting co-star Ewan McGregor. In an interview, Carlyle credited his father for his success and admitted that hasn’t seen his estranged mother since he was four.

Robert Carlyle tends to be visionary and quite reckless gifted with natural leadership and the ability to accrue great wealth. His talent lies with his great vision and long range goals as well as success in managing all areas of life evenly. Carlyle owns the ability to inspire, guide and encourage others along the lines of his vision. Learning to be wisely assertive is a major lesson to be taken by Robert Carlyle throughout his life.