Rump shaker, party maker, Quincy and Ray said “let the good times roll.” With hardcore grooves and beats “Juice” is whatever flavor you choose to drink. The horn section riffs are of a Jacksons type vibe with an Earth, Wind, and Fire touch; along with funky James Brown guitar riffs. The rhythm arrangements are comprised of old school, funk, and R&B with the new “jack swing twist.”

Varges Thomas is back with another smash hit to get you and I on the dance floor until sweat begins to fall from your brow. His song “Juice” is a party jam to dance to and to get you lose and freed. Since music is universal, the purpose for any musician, songwriter or record producer; as an artist their intent should be to inspire listeners to bring them into a zone in such a way; that just for a brief moment he or she can have time to unwind from a hard day’s work.

The times we live in today are no different compared to the way things were long time ago with the exception of technology. People are same; we all need something to free us up and release the pressures in life. Music is the substance and avenue to do just that. Music today is still being played on the radio from all times greats, and even from those who has moved on into eternity; their music is still being heard because there was and is a message of love, hope, and a way to escape from the realities of life for a moment or two.

Though Juice is directed for a younger demographic audience and women names particularity, the appeal is still appealing for all to enjoy. On a serious note, the mentioning of some of the states on the song is for those people of each state mentioned who have endured and has overcome the tragedies that has happened in times past. Anyone who has been affected by some tragic or some kind of lost or setback in life, Juice is a song to let you know you got what it takes and you will make it through.

For those of us who enjoy different genres of music, one of the best things we can continue to do, is share love, peaceful sounds, and hope through artistic artist who knows how to touch people’s emotions in a positive and uplifting way. Next time you find yourself listening to your favorite recording artist, ask yourself, do this song have purpose and meaning? Can I truly relate to the message in the music? Party On.