As business owners, we periodically take the time to evaluate our 5-yr business plan and based on our findings we then re-write a 1-year action plan. This action plan works like an organized guide that we can follow as we work toward business activities and project development.

I open with this statement, because it was this plan that brought us closer to expanding the reach of our Angle Hill Studio services while striving toward our future goal, which is to open an e-store for the percussion accessories that I invented.

Starting the Drum It With Brummet blog back in January 2021, was one of the tools we are using to achieve more exposure and to create a networking hub with other musicians, and to offer support to those working in the music industry. In particular we encourage my students to visit the blog, as there is a lot of helpful information there for them to browse.

My wife and I have are not new to the world of blogging, we have a popular blog (Brummet’s Conscious Blog) that we have managed for more than 17 years. This experience made the choice of creating a second blog less daunting than it might have been.

We knew it was important to choose the images, profile content, font, theme and colours to match the focus for this part of our business. We also made sure to have ample content on hand to fill the first 9 months or more. Scheduling posts so far in advance was part of our plan: you see, we released 2 more books this spring (2021) and it was necessary to allow flexibility in our schedule for the book release promotional activities.

In designing this blog, we made sure to utilize the side bar area to share our profile, blog calendar and several links to other places that we can be found online. There is a second page on the blog titled A Passion For Drums where we shared information about my experience in the realm of music.

Our business keeps us quite busy but we found a way to glean a few stolen hours here and there, which allowed us to complete all of the initial organization within a month. After the blog had been active for a few months, we began initial promotions. The delay in regards to promotions was on purpose – we did this for several reasons including being able to watch out for glitches or issues and addressing any fine-tuning that became noticeable to us. Having several months of published content available meant that when a visitor came to see the blog, they would view it as a fairly established site as opposed to one that has just opened, with very little content to browse. We felt this would make our promotional efforts more effective.

Like any business service, blogs have to be promoted if we hope to have a readership. As I write this, we are in the 10th month of publishing the Drum It With Brummet blog and the readership numbers are slowly crawling upwards. My wife and I have a long list of promotional activities that we are tackling whenever time allows.

I have personally been a part of a lot of music groups and bands, worked with theatre groups, am connected with numerous online groups and have made connections with individuals over my 40 years of working in the music industry. I plan to reach out to each of these to let them know about the blog and how it may be useful to them. This will also give me a reason to reach out to all these connections, making our relationships stronger.

There are multitudes of ways we have already begun basic promotions for the blog. We created a special page on our main website dedicated to our social media projects, including this blog.

The blog’s URL is included on our social networking profile pages, is often mentioned in direct communications and in posts within genre-specific online group communications. Whenever it is appropriate, the URL is shared during media appearances, article bylines and email signatures.

My wife has us signed up with dozens of social networking sites and she will occasionally take extra time to share special blog posts and appropriate social networking groups.

I mentioned before that we actually manage 2 blogs, and each has a link referring to the other. Additionally, our guests and their agents are encouraged to promote the heck out of their appearance on our blog.

My wife manages most of the content that we publish on this blog; seeking quotes and discovering articles, dealing with comments and handling most of the behind-the-scenes activities. She tends to schedule posts well in advance, often working 5 months ahead. However, I have a long list of article ideas and content creation projects that I work on whenever I get the time. So far, the amount of time to manage this second blog has been minimal, but we expect that to increase as the readership and networking with others in the industry continues to grow.

We do accept queries for article submissions, product reviews and interviews. We publish poems, articles, product reviews and interviews that are geared toward musicians and music teachers. Anyone interested in working with the Drum It With Brummet blog need to remember that it has a heavy slant toward drummers and percussionists. We definitely plan on doing more interviews with people in the music industry as well.