Ignoring the metronome

Whether learning piano online or in a physical class, it’s always good to have a metronome. This is a tool that keeps you on time. Due to the annoying nature of the tool, as you have to follow it for you to perfect playing the piano, many learners avoid using it. This results to them learning incorrect rhythms that take a lot of time to unlearn. To be on the safe side always use the metronome regardless of how annoying and inconvenient it is.

Trying to jump levels

Sometimes some of the levels might seem too basic and be tempted to jump ahead to higher and more challenging levels. While you might be able to practice the levels, in most cases you get confused. Just like in life, learning how to play the piano is a progressive development. For you to appreciate the next level you have to complete the current one. To master piano lessons you should start from the lowest levels and work your way up without skipping any level. It will take you longer to complete the lessons but it will be worth it.

Having an irregular practice pattern

When people are beginning their piano lessons, they are usually excited about it and often practice every day. With time, the initial excitement fades and becomes difficult for them to stick to their initial practicing pattern. This is wrong as it results to you not completing the lessons as soon as you should. To be on the safe side you should stick to a strict practice pattern. Experts recommend that you practice every day.

Trying to learn everything in one day

As mentioned above, whether learning piano online or in a physical class the learning process is developmental. Just as you can’t be born and be an adult the same day, you can’t learn everything in one day. Regardless of how smart you are you can’t be an expert piano player by practicing in only one day.

The piano uses different parts of your brain and trying to learn a lot in one day would resort to you finding it too difficult to learn. In most cases, you will find it being a chore to learn the piano and you will most likely stop practicing altogether. To have fun in your lessons you should divide your learning into different sections. The best way of going about it is practicing every day 1-2 hours and over a period of time, you will be an expert.

Choosing the wrong instructors

There are many people offering lessons both online and offline but few are ideal for you. Due to lack of knowledge or going for the cheapest instructors, it’s common for some people to choose the wrong instructors and this results to them not getting the services that they deserve. Whether planning to take piano online lessons or the physical lessons, always take your time to research and find the most reputable instructors.