How Much Is Too Much Music Practice?

Should I Practice Between My Music Lessons? Assume you have weekly piano lessons. You have 6-7 days to revise the material covered in your lesson. If you do no practice how prepared will you feel for your next lesson? Suppose you have a lesson each fortnight: you will have 13-14 days to revise and progress before your next lesson! And […]

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Learning The Piano

Ignoring the metronome Whether learning piano online or in a physical class, it’s always good to have a metronome. This is a tool that keeps you on time. Due to the annoying nature of the tool, as you have to follow it for you to perfect playing the piano, many learners avoid using it. This results to them learning incorrect […]

The Bewildered Exorcist

A priest/exorcist named Albert Gonzalez had been giving Mass at the small St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Stilo, West Virginia when he suddenly collapsed. Horrified parishioners got up from kneeling and ran towards him. As they congregated around his body and crossed themselves, a doctor was present among his fellow church members. “Call 911!” he said loudly. A woman pulled […]

Can a Woman Become More Powerful?

Can a Woman be more powerful and stand out in her own feminine energy and take a stand? As a woman, avoiding conflict to stay in peace is like: the nurturing mother of a child a partner of passion a flower of sweetness. But, we deny ourselves Inability to be in the present moment. Doubt (inability to trust our abilities […]