The use of stained style glass as a piece of decoration dates back in the 12th century through the rise of the Gothic cathedral. Today, virtually all homes are employing the design stained glasses offers.

Here are some tried and true tips on using stained type glass in your occupied spaces.

In an Office

You can use this element of decoration to add own touch to your office. Stained glass panels can be used as drawer fronts or cabinet fronts to add beauty to your well-decorated office. Stained type glass panels can also be used on windows to convey a lively and a plush look within the room.

With a Fireplace

You can get your room dancing with color effects to make it look glamorous and elegant. This can be achieved using stained type glass panels around your fireplace. Many styles of fireplace screens are available. The glass will explode the illuminating effect of the fire to radiate your room with multi effects.

As a Lamp

This piece of furniture apart from a form of accessory can be used to decorate your home. You can create a classic, European, antique, or country-style into any part of your home. This, with other types of lamps, will create an effective layered lighting effect. A stained glass lamp can generate a well-lit room.

The colors on the stained type glass of the lamp get illuminated by the light source of the lamp, thereby beautifying your room. It will improve and enhance the aesthetic view.


The glass panels on the sides of your doorway and over your door collaborate with the incoming light to create a wonderful, magnificent and hospitable atmosphere. This conjured view by the stained glass will greet visitors to your home and it will make them see the uniqueness of your home.

As Wall mirrors

Wall stained mirrors can unite with other forms of decoration to alter and improve the outlook of a part of your home. Wall mirrors with stained glasses can be used in the bedroom, living room or in the dining room. This will also improve the ecstasy and infuse grandeur in a room.

In a Bathroom

Use this artifact of decoration to make your bathroom more than just a place to take your bath or shower. With a stained glass panel used at the window, or as the wall of the bathroom, you will give you a soothing effect into the room. This will help you attain a relaxing state of mind to ease your stress of the day. It makes this room peaceful and calm.

Stained glass offers you the advantage of enhancing the view of your home with unique and unparalleled decoration. Your house will be worth calling a home with the blend of various colors using a stained glass.